REVERENCE: JAPAN: Reverence for Beauty

Balcony Press 2015

In this book, Gil Garcetti's lush photographs, accompanied by thought-provoking essays from experts in Japanese artistic disciplines,address a unique quality of Japanese culture: the appreciation of and need for beauty—both man-made and natural—in virtually every aspect of life. For years Garcetti has been enthralled and puzzled by the reverence the Japanese people have for everyday beauty. What makes the Japanese people unique in their need for beauty? What can Westerners learn from this ancient culture and history? How can a better understanding of the role beauty plays in the daily life of the Japanese enhance our own lives?

JAPAN: A REVERENCE FOR BEAUTY, with text in English and Japanese, will immerse the reader in the daily life of this country where sublime beauty both new and ancient can be found in the most common locations. This book is a stunning tribute to the Japanese quest for beauty and an invitation to join Garcetti in a meaningful dialogue, if not final answers.

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