Balcony Press 2018

This book is the result of inspiration when Gil was in Egypt in 2017. He was working for and with the California Science Center that was preparing for the Center’s exhibition of King Tut treasures in 2018. He was there to take photographs of the treasures that were going to be shipped to Los Angeles Gil had been to Egypt in the past, but never had he had this kind of truly up-close contact with these priceless treasures and ancient works of art.

Gil began to wonder how these treasures could be safely packed and shipped thousands of miles. He decided to return to Cairo when the packing of these treasures would take place. In February 2018 he returned and not only was inches away for these revered treasures, but he was able to observe and talk with the seven expert German packers who had been trained and schooled in packing such treasures.  Their packing was a form of art Gil had never witnessed. He grew to have enormous admiration for their professionalism, but also recognized something that these seven men may not have known, that they were in fact artists themselves. This is what Gil hope he captured with his photographs of the German packing team and equally talented and dedicated Egyptian conservators.

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