Balcony Press 2018

—In Protea: The Magic and The Mystery, Gil approaches the still-life subject with the same intimacy and insight he brings to his human subjects. Accompanied by whimsical and, at times, passionate prose from writer, Larry Livingston, these dramatic images reveal the unique personality of each bloom.— Ann Gray

From Gil’s Photographer’s Book Statement: I recall, it was the beginning of the Protea flower blooming season, January 2017. When I looked at the photographs I had just taken, I recall exclaiming, —Whoa!— I had a huge smile on my face and my first photographic still life project was born. For me, there was something magic, enthralling, and not to overstate it, THRILLING when I focused my camera lens on these unique and barely known flowers. I truly hope that after you have the book, you open it and leave it turned to the same photograph for 3-5 days. Look at it for a few seconds everyday. I guarantee you will see something new every time you look at it. Do it with another image and then another, and another. My hope is that the images, and the prose accompanying many of the photographs, bring you daily joy and inspiration.

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